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Our Team
Clarice Scarpace 


MSM Class of 2019

Clarice is the head of the company and oversees all operation of Forget Me Not. She works to sale and promote it as well. She worked to design the books illustrations., most importantly the front cover. 

Amanda Ackley 
Amelia Waddell


MSM class of 2019


Amanda works on selling the product, manages the finances of the business, and deals with the day to day operation of Forget Me Not. She also worked on illustrating the coloring book.  


MSM Class of 2019

Amelia works on marketing and promoting the coloring book. She sets up and manages social media. She also worked on the illustrations in the coloring book.

Mission Statement 

As students of Mount St. Mary Academy, each of us have a loved one with Alzheimer's disease within our families, which is what inspired Forget Me Not to become what it is today. We have interacted with people diagnosed with Alzheimer's and have experienced what it's like to watch the ones we love forget us. Our hope is to be successful in helping people to cope with Alzheimer's, raise awareness for the disease, and to donate our profits to the Alzheimer's association. We are very passionate about our mission and anticipate the great joy we will bring to people through our innovative cognitive coloring book.

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